We do design.

Cardona Designs is a channel for the realization of great ideas.


Successful web apps must consider desktop and mobile use cases. Cardona Designs can make your app scale seemlessly from a smartphone to a tablet and to a desktop.


The web is alive with new potential. Your app will be future proof thanks to being built with modern web standards like HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript.


We think of Design as a first class citizen that works hand in hand with Engineering to create the ultimate user experience.

Built by Cardona Designs

  • Audiofile

    A convention for creating sheet music using HTML5 custom data attributes.

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  • Boombox.js

    High quality HTML5 audio boombox that can be easily skinned and extended.

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  • Boombox for Chrome
    Boombox for Chrome

    Leverages the amazing functionality of HTML5 along with the extensive API provided by Chrome.

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